Monday, 17 February 2014

New Website!!

Check out my new website! This is where i will be posting new work from now on:


Bye Blogspot!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Not a major update...

I just made a little change to this painting to the hair and top. So nothing major!

Monday, 7 November 2011


This is just me trying to get used to photoshop and its its not great! But a good start methinks!

Monday, 8 August 2011

For my favourite Princess...

This is a sketch for my sister Rosie because my birthday card for her this year stunk. I hope this is better! Love you! x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Design For Layout - Artist Studio

(If the image is abnormally dark, its not meant to be I had photo saving issues...dammit!) Anywhooo this is my Artist Studio Digital Painting for one of my Uni projects. This is the second digital painting i've ever done EVER! I am surprisingly chuffed with the outcome :) The Artist is a Medieval French Calligrapher. Hope you like!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Trip to Marwell Zoo!

The Tigers were GINORMOUS! They were my favourite animal there by far, I could sit and watch them all day. To draw them however, was a completely different ball game! It was so difficult from a distance to capture the stripes and to draw from our angle in the way they were lay down was a challenge. But i resisted the dredded outlining trap and i think i came away with a couple of decent drawings of them.

These Oryx's were awesome to draw. Using pen and ink i only drew the black pattern of their coat which was all it needed really to visualise the form and shape of the animal. The Oryx were my favourite to draw of the day for sure.

Ahh the Camels...what funny creatures they are! Brilliant to sketch though! There's a random rubbishly drawn Lemur in there too... and the Tigers again at the bottom, i was really trying to focus on drawing the shapes and curves of the stripes on the Tigers so as not to flatten the drawings by outling them...cant really work out some of them..but hey ho!  

For the Ostrich and the Secretary Bird i used ink and a Bamboo stick which was a lot of fun! I wish i had more time to spend on these, I will definately go back there and spend longer on them experimenting with different ways of using the Bamboo stick. They were constantly moving about, i need to, next time, try and capture the variety of poses they created..ruffling their feathers and what not, and not to be too precious with me lines and to just really go ferrit!

ZEBRA! Extremely hard to capture! They are constantly moving but im happy with the two that came out half decent, again not outlining the form and just following the shape of the stripes, hard but i learnt a lot from it. It didnt help that I started to get surrounded by huge crows...i think i filmed one of them..staring me out, giving me evils..i think they were planning an i ran away not long after. D:
I made friends with these fellas! They were so good, very chilled. I struggled with the bottom drawing to get the foreshortening right. I cant remember what these guys were called...but me and Graeme call them 'Bear Cow things that make a strange loud noise' :)

Last but not least, my not so very successful studies. The Giraffes were SO hard! I approached them in watercolour and the PENguins too. They were hilarious, just stood staring at a wall...hmm. Oh a random person is in there too and an Owl (which i loved!) and some of my Gibbon drawings, they were good to draw but I couldn't see them very well through the glass which was a shame.
                                                                   The End!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Life Drawing

Some drawings I have done of Life Models on a website...