Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nothing special!

I dont know why but i like these...they're not even that good but the one that looks like he has claws for hands makes me giggle!

Life Drawing

There seems to be an accidental running theme with these in that they're all either sitting down or lying down poses! So...whoop! It is helping me understand perspective and foreshortening though which is good.

Costume Life Drawing...

I've really enjoyed doing the costume life drawing, its challenging and has made me realise I need to stop outlining my drawings and think about the material folding over the model's body as a three-dimensional form, otherwise it flattens my work. But overall pretty chuffed with these and they are supporting me as references for other drawings im trying to do without a model to help me.

The one im in love with...

We met at Disneyland a few years back...magic!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Its a secret but im giving you a snippet...


What gave me the title of my blog..

Another TARZAN!

My friend Robyn has always wanted to be a mermaid...

Thats better...ahhh

These are better quality images of the drawings  i did a while ago so i thought i would post them again :D

I cant help it!

I have an obsession with Hayley i drew her!